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"A Miniature Parrot with a Massive Personality"

Welcome to Casey’s Bird Cage

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer breed Parrotlets and have sold all of our breeding stock. I chose to keep the website going to help people find information on an incredible little bird. We love them dearly and always will.

Breeders of Parrotlets where Quality is First and Foremost.

Casey’s Bird Cage is owned and operated by Bruce and Terry Casey who have together raised and bred animals since 1988, starting with Cocker Spaniel Dogs and are now doing what we were always meant to do, breeding and raising Parrotlets.

We are making quality the forefront of our breeding program, not quantity. Our care centers on the birds themselves and not the profit that might be made from them. We are NOT a bird mill. Casey’s Bird Cage is a small family size breeder. We are interested in joining loving birds with new families who will care for and love their new family member. Our birds are all are hand tamed and used to a family environment that includes cats, dogs, and traveling.

Casey’s Bird Cage in Michigan is the place to start when you begin a search for a companion parrotlet. Our focus is on a quality pet --- to the point of perfection. Whether this is your first pet, first bird, or first parrotlet, we are here to help you find that special bird to love.

We are currently breeding Pacific Parrotlets. Due to the fact that Casey’s Bird Cage only offers a select few companion parrots each year, every baby receives intensive care and behavior training prior to going to their new homes. The babies are banded, registered, hand-tamed, step-up trained, and well socialized. If you are looking for the highest quality parrotlet companion, we are confident you will find that bird here.

Our hope is that you find a parrotlet companion, just like we found our first birds, Bonnie and Lady. Also, if you are looking for more information on the care and training of your own companion parrotlet, visit our information pages. We offer information on advance preparation, proper care, training, and nutrition for your companion parrotlet.

While exploring our site, you will find many resources for products, links, and other useful information - including a toy store, with toys chosen specifically for your companion parrotlet. Owners and breeders of companion parrotlets are proud that they can provide useful products and services to others across the U.S. and in Canada. We are sure that you will find these resources will save you time in the search for the proper food and toys for our tiny parrots.

Again, our focus is on a well-socialized, hand-tamed bird.

You deserve nothing less.

Please don't settle for Less.

Thank you for visiting, Please take some time and check out the entire site and let us know what you think. Come back often to see what's new.


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